Oval Gazebo Plans – What You Need To Know

oval gazebo plansOval gazebo plans can and will definitely beautify your garden or backyard. Gazebos come in different sizes, designs, shapes and are no longer limited to the hexagonal and octagonal ones. It’s also no top-secret that oval gazebos are the easiest to find and assemble as compared to all the other shapes available. So if you have existing plans for building a gazebo, I suggest you go for the oval gazebos. Or if you happen to not have one, don’t be upset just yet because there are tons of gazebo blueprints and plans that come in for free on most Internet websites. All you have to do is search them online.

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What are gazebo blueprints?

If you’re not familiar with gazebo blueprints, well, they’re written guides that aid you in your do-it-yourself gazebo construction.

There are in fact a variety of plans available such as outdoor gazebo plans and wooden gazebo plans among others. Simply put, gazebo blueprints help you in plotting, designing, and constructing your own gazebo anywhere your heart desires—whether in your garden, patio, landscape or backyard.

Gazebos and gazebo blueprints come in a variety of materials such as metal, stone, fiber glass and vinyl but the most preferred would be the ones made out of wood. If you want to put up a gazebo for yourself, perhaps an oval gazebo, choose wood as its main material.

Oval Gazebos and wood

With wood for oval gazebos, you are given two options: the custom-built one or the prefabricated one. When considering both categories, it is important to know that the design prospect and material ideas are never-ending. Furthermore, when buying wood-crafted oval gazebos, the most important thing to consider is the quality of the materials that are to be used, which is the choice of wood and the hardware to be used for construction.

The materials will determine whether the gazebo will be sturdy over time and for how long it will last under varying weather conditions. It wouldn’t hurt if you did a little bit of research about the materials used before buying the product yourself. On the other hand, if you’re up for buying the prefabricated kind, you would have become aware of the price difference between a wooden oval gazebo built out of cedar and the ones built from other varieties of wood.

Cedar and other wood types for oval gazebos

Cedar is a little more expensive because it’s practically capable of repelling the adverse effects of moisture such as mildew, molds and rots. Not to mention that cedars are also far more appealing and likely to last longer compared to other types of woods. So disregard the fact that it costs more than your regular wood because you’re actually saving more money. How? Cedars don’t need maintenance and chemical treatments at all so if you got extra cash, you could probably go for the wooden-crafted cedars.

On the other hand if you’re really on a strict budget, pressure-treated wood could be an alternative. A little less expensive than cedar, this kind of wood is treated with special compounds that prevent the wood from being infested by bugs and spoilt by water.

The wood is green in color because of the treatment but you can have it painted to the color of your liking. When opting to use this kind of wood, repainting is a must in a few years.

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Pay attention to the details of your oval gazebo

Pay attention to the shape and size of your wooden gazebo before buying any materials or pre-built ones. Additionally, know the dimensions of your area because oval gazebos can take up a great deal of space.

Oval gazebos look best in yards though and hefty and larger gazebos would need to have concrete slabs in it. Minuscule ones may not need foundations at all but still, it would be best to seek for an expert’s advice before attempting to do anything.

How do you make your own gazebo?

There are actually a number of options. One is by purchasing a pre-built gazebo. Purchasing a pre-built gazebo is hassle-free but can literally cost you a lot of money. Also, besides the luxurious price, one of the downsides of buying pre-built gazebos is you won’t be able to tailor it similar to what you have in mind. And that there is also a slim chance of finding the gazebo that perfectly fits your area size. One size can’t be applicable to all.

Second is by purchasing a gazebo kit. Gazebo kits may be a little less expensive than that of pre-built ones but it could still cost and arm and a leg. The kit itself could be slightly pricey and you also have to pay for the handyman that’s going to go to your house for the installation.

Also, like pre-built gazebos, it’s very rare for you to be able to find the exact design and specifications that you need.

Use gazebo blueprints and plans

This could be the most difficult and time-consuming method of all but mind you, this is the most economical.

Additionally, with oval gazebo plans, you may be able to customize your own gazebo that could meet your requirements in terms of design and size. However, if you’re not that accustomed to woodworking plans or blueprints, you can always refer to a professional so you get to work out the specifics that you’d want in your gazebo construction.

Furthermore, with the help of the Internet, it wouldn’t be that complicated to look for existing gazebo blueprints that you can either have for free or pay for.

More tips for gazebo construction

Before thinking about constructing your gazebo, do take note of the following:

(1) Area where the gazebo is to be built. Consider the durability and sturdiness of the foundation, slope of the ground, and the direction in which the sun shines.

(2) usage of the gazebo. Think through how many times you are going to use it in a week, a month or a year. Lastly,

(3) purpose of the gazebo. In which occasions are you going to use the gazebo? How many people are supposed to be in it when it’s used? See? Making gazebos aren’t really that complicated! Go make one now!

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