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Square Gazebo Plans

Gazebo Plans

Are you looking for free square gazebo plans? Homeowners with large backyards or gardens usually think about building a gazebo to increase the beauty of their garden and home. Gazebos, also known as summer houses, pavilions and belvederes are no longer limited to just the traditional shapes of hexagonal and octagonal.

Nowadays, they are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. A square structure is simple to build compared to other shapes and it is relatively easy to find free square gazebo blueprints and plans to help you design and finally construct your own summer house in your lawn, patio, backyard or garden.

Summer houses can be built using many different materials like metal, stone, vinyl, fiber glass. However, to get that authentic natural look, it is always preferable to build a wooden gazebo. This is the main reason why most of the DIY summerhouse blueprints available are nothing but wooden gazebo plans.

Square gazebo plans can be greatly helpful when crafting a gazebo

There are basically three ways in which you can get a pavilion built.

1. Buy a complete pre-built gazebo: Though this is the method which requires the least effort on your part, it is also the method which is the most costly. It can end up costing you many thousands of dollars! Also, many of the times it is difficult to find the perfectly right shape and size you had in mind. One size doesn’t really fit all.

2. Buy a gazebo kit: This is less expensive that directly buying gazebos for sale, however it can still cost you a few thousand dollars for the kit and the installation charges for the handyman. Here again, you will seldom, find the right design and size you need for your specific unique requirements.

3. Build a gazebo using gazebo plans: This is by far the cheapest method for getting a pavilion built. It may take more efforts and time compared to the earlier two methods, however in this case you can get your very own customized pavilion built to meet your specific needs. If you are not too familiar with woodworking plans you can always consult an expert for figuring out the finer details during the course of this gazebo project.

It is easy to research and find free simple, easy to use diy blueprints for a summer house once you know your exact needs.

Things to keep in mind before you start looking for gazebo building plans

Before you start searching for free gazebo construction plans or even paid ones for that matter, try o think about the following factors

  • Location of construction: Strength of foundation, tilt of the ground, direction of natural sun light and shade
  • Season of usage: Period of year you are most likely to use it
  • Purpose of Gazebo: How am I going to use this pavilion? How many people are usually going to be in it?

Once you have a clear idea about you exact needs, you can then start looking for the blueprints which meet your needs.

Let us now take a look at some square gazebo blueprints

Wooden gazebo plans is what one needs when planning to build a summer house using wood as materials. This could be a simple process if one is provided with the right materials and plans. There are also certain techniques that have to be applied when building a summer house in order to make it sturdy and strong.

Gazebos are a structure that is usually built and placed on the front or back yard of the house to add to the aesthetics of the entire place. It can be used as a place in the house where the family will have barbeque during Sundays, or a place to entertain guests.

Most Popular Designs for Making Wooden Gazebos

For this article, what will be discussed is wooden pergolas. But there are actually a number of kinds or types of gazebos. There are those that are traditional kinds and there are also those that are of more modernistic approach. Example of the former are the traditional pergola that is turned into a lodge. This is the kind that can be used for relaxation, sun bathing or entertaining guests.

These days, though, there are a lot of more modernistic approach to building a summer house. Examples are the rotating sphere-shaped summer house, another is the one where the structure is also a sunroom. There is also a gazebo made with a jacuzzi. The most unique of all, though, is the one that is placed on a tree like a tree house.

What to Consider When Constructing a Gazebo In Your Garden

When a person has a big enough front or back yard to create a garden, then it is also probably big enough to build a summer house. But just like a lawn, garden, flowers and vines in the garden, building a summer house should also be planned and built with some planning.

One of the things that a person should remember in creating a garden summer house is the overall theme of the garden. Sure, gardens are filled with different plans, flowers, grass, shrubs, trees, etc. But they are supposed to be united by a single theme that will make everything look like a concert in nature.

Thus, if the theme of the garden has a modernistic approach, then a summer house with pretty lights and couches would fit well. A spherical non-traditional glass gazebo will also be a good fit.

As the name implies, this type of summer house is made to be placed in the patio. If this is what one wants, he has to make sure he has a patio big enough for it to accommodate a summer house and still has space for other things.

There are different kinds of patio gazebo plans. But the most common and most preferred is that which is connected to the house but is created based on the same concept as an independent standing pavilion.

This patio gazebo will also look best when surrounded by plants and flowers. By surrounding the patio gazebo with plants and flowers, it will have the effect of being the highlight or the centerpiece of the patio. Inside the summer house, there could also be a centerpiece, or a center round table where the family can eat together during weekends or holidays.

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Different Gazebo Blueprints To Choose From

There are many design plans for a gazebo that one can choose from. What one should choose is, of course, that which will go well with the entire look of the house and/or the garden or patio. When choosing a design, it would also be wise to consider the environment.

For places that always rain, a fully covered summer house is a good choice. An example is the gazebo in the house of the Vontrap family in the film, The Sound of Music. If there are bugs or other flying insects in the area, then a screened pavilion is the better option. If the surroundings is a beautiful garden filled with trees and vines, a glass gazebo sunroom will be perfect. If one has kids begging for a tree house, might as well make a pavilion in the trees.

Gazebo Plans for Sale Are Easily Available Online

There is probably not a need to point this out, but plans for pergolas may also be bought online. It is one thing to know what kind of gazebos one wants. It is another, though, to have a structural design for it.

In creating a gezebo, there is some architecture and engineering involved. It may seem simple – a roof supported by a number of pillars – but it is actually more complicated than that. Unless one wants his summer house in ruins with a slight wind or rain, then he may do it using his own design and effort.

Everything is now available online. And this includes summerhouse construction plans. These plans may be purchased from those who have actual knowledge and expertise in building one.

Creating An Outdoor Pavilion Using DIY Blueprints

The first step in creating a gazebo is to find an ideal spot where to build it. The main idea is to place it on an elevated area so that it will not gather water and will provide a good view from that point of view.

When the perfect spot is chosen, the next step is to plan the design. There are hundreds of designs available online. There are also those that are for sale. One may choose from any of those.

Before starting to build the outdoor pavilion, one has to find out first if he needs permit for what he is creating. This is important because if a permit is necessary and it was not acquired, the entire project may be scrapped and penalties may be collected.

For someone who does not know anything about the construction of a gazebo, asking for professional help or making a consultation is the way to go. Always require the professional hired to create a blueprint of the pavilion to make sure that everything is done properly and is well-documented in case the design has to be referred back to in the future.