Octagon Gazebo Plans – Are They Right For You?

octagon gazebo plansOctagon Gazebo plans serve a dual purpose – aesthetics and function. It is a structure that adds to the beauty of a home. A house with a garden is a beautiful home. But a garden with a gazebo gives a more interesting look.

Gazebos also serve some functional purpose. It makes a good place for spending quality time with the family. This is where memories are built, where children play around and where adults let time pass by through some tea and chat. It is also a wonderful place for the whole family to have dinner together.

But gazebos are not just for family gatherings. Even single people can appreciate having this in their garden for reading books, especially on a hot summer day. For any of these purposes, an octagon gazebo would be perfect.

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Why Make Octagon Gazebo Plans

Octagon Gazebos are just like the other kinds of gazebos. The only difference is the shape, size and style adopted to make it. This kind of gazebo is usually bigger in size than the others. This type is usually covered by glass windows or screens.

People opt to make an octagon gazebo because they intend to create one that is big enough to accommodate the entire family when the occasion calls for it. An octagon gazebo has sides, making it bigger than the other square or spherical gazebos.

An octagon gazebo is also usual for those who want to grow plants and flowers. This shape provides the optimal room for the growing things and has the most strategic form for the reception of sunlight.

Wooden Gazebo Plans are the Most Common Kind

There are different materials used in making a gazebo. It could be made of steel, glass, wood, etc. But of all these materials, wood is the most common. Wood is a great material because it is stable and it lasts long. With the right polishing and treatment, it will stay strong for many decades. Of course, the life span of the wood also depends on what tree it was from.

Wooden gazebos are the most common of all kinds of gazebos. May this be octagonal, rectangular, spherical, closed or open gazebos, wood is almost always the main material used.

Glass is also a good material. But if there are kids around, this is not advisable. This is a common material for gazebos made to grow plants. Plants need sunlight and glass gazebos can give that. Steel is the least common material used for gazebos as it rusts through time.

Need to Know about Outdoor Gazebo Plans

Anyone who wants to make an outdoor gazebo needs to have certain materials. First is the lumber. Most gazebos are mainly made of wood. Even those that are made of other materials still need wood. How many pieces of lumber and what measurements are needed depend on what kind of gazebo will be made. It also depends on how big one wants it to be.

Plywood is also necessary for the ceiling and for double walling. For the roof, roofing sheets and roofing underlayment are needed. Nails, screws, screw drivers, rails, rafters and other tools have to be prepared as well. Cement, sand and gravel also need to be bought.

For someone who has no experience in construction, these things may not make sense at all. That is why it is advisable to hire a professional to make a plan and to construct the gazebo.

Requirement for a Gazebo Blueprints

There are household constructions that require approval and permit from. If this is the case, then a blueprint for the gazebo is necessary. For this type of project, it would be best to hire the professional services of an architect.

Making a gazebo is beyond setting up a number of pillars and putting a roof on top of it. There are structural designs that need to be done. There are architectural matters that need to be considered. Especially for octagon gazebos that present a greater challenge in building compared to square, rectangular or spherical gazebos.

Having a blueprint for one’s gazebo is also helpful in the future. It can be referred to if there are problems with the structure of the gazebo, and it can be used as reference to create again that same gazebo.

Finding Wooden Gazebo Plans Online

As mentioned above, gazebos are mostly made of wood. And especially for those which is required by law to have a permit for construction, it is best to hire a professional architect to create the plans.

But before one does this, it is a good idea to go online first and see free wooden gazebo plans. These plans can be used in making one’s wooden gazebo. There are also those who sell octagonal gazebo plans online. All it takes is a few searches of websites.

Finding Gazebo Construction Plans

Construction plans for gazebos may also be found online. There are architectural companies that offer their services online. One may contact one of those companies and make arrangements in hiring them to make gazebo construction plans.

There are also ready-made construction plans that any one can copy for their own gazebos. These are usually websites dedicated to everything about gazebos. There are also websites that serve as a guide to the step-by-step process of constructing a gazebo.

The first part of the process is to plan the design of the gazebo. Next is to find the spot in the front or back yard where it can be perfectly placed. Third, before beginning anything, one should check if he needs to get a permit for its construction. Fourth is to put up the walls for the gazebo. Next is to check the measurements for the walls. Next is to put a roof, last is to secure the pillars or columns.

Gazebo Plans for Sale Online

As mentioned above, gazebo plans are available online. Some are free but some are for sale. Of course those that are available for free are mostly basic plans for building and constructing a simple and basic gazebo. But those that are sold may contain plans that are more detailed ad complex. These are plans for bigger and better gazebos.

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